Friday, July 1, 2011

Susan’s Vegan Zucchini Frittata

 Here's a piece of my vegan zucchini frittata.
See Susan’s pie along with the recipe at

Back in the 80s(!) we used to go to the 13 Coins restaurant. They had a couple of locations that I was aware of, one in Seattle and one in Anchorage. Every time I went there, I’d get the vegetarian frittata. Oh, it was good! And then the restaurant went away and I quit eating eggs and cheese. I’ve always loved the whole concept of sautéed vegetables encased in a savory layer of... what? The vegan version is tofu and I'm just not too wild about tofu. Has this funny taste, you know? Even though they say it is tasteless, I find it has a bitter flavor. I’m theorizing that it may be the coagulant used to thicken it. Anyway, Susan from has a new post for a zucchini frittata. It is quite delicious.

This particular tofu dish did not have a bitter flavor. The tofu I used for the sautéed portion was Wildwood Organic Extra Firm Tofu. I think that really made a difference. Perhaps I better stick to that brand. And the next time I make this (and there will be a next time!) I am going to use some kind of vegan parmesan on the top. 

Just a little bit browner and this pie would be perfect!

Oh yeah, one more thing. The leftovers are great. I made a delicious wrap the next day.

Wrap with leftover zucchini frittata, almond cheese, romaine, bell pepper and jalapeno.

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