Friday, July 29, 2011

Clean Your Beans!

This is a cautionary tale. I've been cooking beans from scratch for many years. "They say" to pick through them and discard any rocks, etc. I've gotten a bit sloppy. As I was eating a burrito from a recent batch beans I chomped down on a rock. Aside from the unpleasant sensation it still lingers in my mind. It's hard to enjoy my burritos the way I used to. Anyway, I'm still making beans from scratch but now I religiously pick through them. Here's what I found in a bag of pinto beans.

I found all this in just ONE cup of dried beans.
(No, the pencil wasn't in the bag, it's just for illustration!)

Please learn from my mistake and pick through all your dried legumes before you cook them.


Coming soon! As soon as my nectarines are ripe I am making Nectarine Biscuits – individual biscuits topped with sliced nectarines. Mmmmm!

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