Sunday, August 12, 2012

Potato Sourdough Bread

The taste of this bread is absolutely divine!

This is my latest attempt at making my own "artisan bread." My sourdough starter has matured and adds a very subtle and wonderful flavor to my homemade loaves, English muffins, and pizza crusts. I have come to prefer my bread over the bakery artisan breads. It's also a whole lot cheaper. I bought a seeded whole wheat loaf of bread at the bakery several weeks ago and it cost $8.50. I decided then and there I was going to redouble my efforts at home to bake my own artisan bread. Quite frankly, my efforts are quite delicious!

The original recipe for this bread is from "How to Bake Bread" by Emmanuel Hadjaindreau. I love the recipes but I'm not too sure about his bread making methods. This recipe is a work in progress because I want to increase the amount of whole wheat flour and I haven't got there yet. It also uses crumbled baked potato (yum!) and was baked in a clay baker. I will share the recipe once I'm totally satisfied with the results.

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  1. I love your blog!!!
    Have you ever used any starters from a company called Sourdough's International?
    I keep hearing about them but I want some reviews from some fellow bakers.. If anyone knows, let me know! Thanks : )

    1. Actually I have ordered from Sourdough International. I bought "Classic Sourdoughs" book and some Russian sourdough culture that I haven't used yet. I am currently using a starter that I bought from along with a starter container. The starter is so tasty I haven't tried out the Russian culture. I can only take care of one starter at a time! I should probably just freeze the Russian starter. I originally bought the Russian starter because it was one of the quicker cultures.

      Thanks for reading my blog. I hope you can sign up for automatic email updates. I will soon be posting on some super delicious sourdough bread I just made this past weekend: potato sourdough bread with spelt and white whole wheat flour.