Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Homestyle Chocolate Chip Cookies with Spelt Flour

I am always looking for new recipes and ideas for cookies. I would rather use whole grains and unrefined sugars but I still want that “cookie experience.” These are chewy, not too sweet, use oil instead of margarine and loaded with chocolate chips. The recipe is from “Vive le Vegan” cookbook and is also posted online. Dreena Burton is very original and always uses whole grains. This recipe uses whole wheat pastry flour with a wheat-free option using spelt flour.  When I was gathering my ingredients I discovered that I had NO whole wheat pastry flour so I used the spelt option. I really liked the results. No “wheaty” taste that some folks object to. The dough was somewhat crumbly but packed well into a tablespoon scoop. I flattened each cookie and baked them for 9 minutes instead of 11.  A real winner! Makes about 24-30 cookies.

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