Tuesday, October 15, 2013

VeganCuts September 2013 Beauty Box Review

VeganCuts September 2013 BeautyBox

 Here is my $19.95 haul for September 2013, in order of how much each item thrilled me.

nyl whipped hand and body lotion
This must have been a bonus gift because it was not listed as one of the items for September. A small jar of whipped hand and body lotion by nyl. The jar had a date that it was made with a note to use within 4 months. Bravo to them. While I adore hand crafted creams and lotions I get really bummed out when the oils go rancid. The lotion was creamy and not too heavy. The ingredient list was awesome – 7 items, none unpronounceable. The nyl skin care line is vegan and cruelty free, chemical free, gluten free and made with organic ingredients. The sad thing is I won't be buying the lotion as 4 ounces will set you back $34. Ouch. But you never know, I might win a lottery...

Second runner up was a 2 ounce bottle of daily benefits shampoo by BWC. I am in the market for a good, cruelty free shampoo without chemicals so I am looking forward to trying this one out. VeganCuts also included a nice brochure about the company which I appreciate. Sometimes I get tired of googling everything. This shampoo is available on Amazon (yippee!) for $11.62 with free Prime Shipping. That is actually cheaper than the shampoo I get now. Can't wait to try it!

Runner up number three is four lotions and a packet of body oil by Weleda. The lotions are Wild Rose, Sea Buckthorn, Pomegranate, Citrus and Citrus Body Oil. Who knows, maybe I'll fall in love with one of them! The lotions are reasonably priced and available on Weleda website and Amazon.

A couple of personal use items included in the BeautyBox was a packet of personal lubricant. (I'm afraid to even ask what's in Astro Glide!) There was also a coupon to redeem online for GladRags free pantyliner with free site-wide shipping.

Manic Panic Pretty in Punk Eye Shadow
Coming in last was a full size Manic Panic Eyeshadow Collection with gray and blue shadows. I'm sure many subscribers were absolutely thrilled with this but I'm past the days of wearing blue eyeshadow.

Overall, I liked my VeganCuts BeautyBox and I think it was good value for $19.95 shipping included. It exposes me to many brands I'd never see or get to try out. There has been a couple of stinkers; I think I will be having a giveaway one of these days for the Manic Panic eye shadows and some nail wraps that came with the August 2013 BeautyBox. Details to come.

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