Saturday, September 8, 2012

Off Topic – Great Alaska Quilt Show

This weekend is the Great Alaska Quilt Show. I browsed through the show this afternoon and took photos of stuff that caught my eye. I didn't take notes so details are limited. Show is also Sunday, Sept. 9th at the ConocoPhillips atrium from 10am-4pm.

The small quilt auction closes Sunday at 2pm. One auction quilt that caught my eye was this one.
Very interesting 3D quilt.

My favorite large quilt was a kaleidoscope quilt. Much prettier in person but you get the idea.

Deb Hardman usually figures prominently at Anchorage quilt shows. Here is a small quilt she made.

I guess 3D is the rage in small quilts these days.

There were several quilts similar to the one below, same color scheme, same type of pattern made by a group of people including Pam Sims. They all were for sale for several hundred dollars. It was some kind of charity, I just don't remember! To be honest, I wasn't wild about them. I've just never seen quilts sold at the show before.

Looks like some kind of quick cut and sew and what happens, happens!
Here is a rather cute vest from the clothing section.

Vest front.
Back of vest.
The featured quilter was Linda Postlewait. Those are always fun to view because it's a whole group of quilts made over the years. The following three quilts caught my eye.

You all recognize this! Linda's own Starry Night.
Linda's husband took a picture and she made a quilt of it.
You really do need to see this one in person. A very different holiday quilt.

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