Wednesday, November 16, 2011

SoyQuick Milk Maker

 Soymilk is my drink of choice and I like to eat tofu. It was a natural progression of events that I would eventually buy a non-dairy milk making appliance. I've been wanting to make tofu and have hesitated because of the time investment. The first step to make tofu is to make soymilk which takes a fair amount of time. Then it's on to the tofu: add the coagulater until it's the correct firmness, pour into mold, press and chill. When I discovered this SoyQuick I was excited to learn that you just pour in the water, add the soaked soybeans, and turn it on! It's pretty slick and makes the milk in less than 30 minutes. The soymilk does have to be strained which really isn't a big deal.

My first batch of soymilk was very successful and I was surprised at how much tastier it was than the brand I've been buying off the shelf. It was a little richer than I'm used to but that is easily adjusted.

This weekend I tackled the tofu. I wasn't totally sure of how much coagulant to use so I just faked it. It did curd up but I need to work on that step. I was quite shocked at how much better tasting home made tofu is. Some of the store bought tofu has a "funny" taste that I don't care for and can't quite "spice" it away.

Here is my very first batch of tofu broken into chunks. The curd is a bit loose and it's wetter than I'd like but the taste was far superior than store bought.

So now I have this beautiful home made tofu so I made a Tofu Skillet Scramble from the new cookbook Quick-Fix Vegan by Robin Robertson. I have a lot of cookbooks by this author and I'm liking her recipes better all the time. I had gotten sick of eating tofu scramble; they're all pretty much the same. Her recipe for tofu scramble reminded me of a vegetarian egg dish we used to make called "Slop." Yeah, I hated the name but it was soooo good! Fried potatoes with ortega chili peppers and eggs scrambled in one pan with cheese melted on the top. Robin's Tofu Skillet Scramble starts with fried potatoes and scallions, roasted bell pepper and sun-dried tomatoes and lots of intriguing spices. It was delicious!

Here is the Tofu Skillet Scramble.
Next time the tofu will be a bit chunkier and the potatoes diced smaller.
Mmmmmm! I didn't miss the cheese either.

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  1. I'll have to check out that soy milk maker, it would be fun to make tofu at home. The tofu scramble looks yummy with freshly made tofu. So jealous. :-)