Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mexican Cabbage

You know cabbage is good for you. Black beans too. Some of the other ingredients In Mexican Cabbage are green chilies, corn, spices and a few baked corn tortilla chips. This delicious and quick-to-make recipe from The Happy Herbivore cookbook is even better the next day. I really wish this book was available a couple of years ago. It would have made my transition from vegetarian to vegan much easier. The recipes are fairly simple and quick to make without exotic ingredients. If you were to buy just one vegan cookbook, this one would be among my recommendations. Incidentally, my all time favorite recipe of Lindsay Nixon’s is the Single Serving Brownie, available on her website.

Here is the recipe for Mexican Cabbage:

It would probably be even more delicious with a bit of vegan sour cream!

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  1. Ooh look at all those yummy vegetables spread across that plate. Mmm Mmm Mmmmmh!