Saturday, April 23, 2011

Broccoli and Mushroom Fettuccine

I made a delicious White Pizza with Broccoli and Mushrooms last week (see 4/17/2011 post). There was leftover sauce and pizza toppings. The next day I boiled up some whole wheat fettuccine. While the pasta was cooking I combined the sauce and vegetables and gently reheated them. When the pasta was done I reserved about a half cup of cooking water before I drained the pasta. Then I combined the pasta, sauce, veggies, chopped fresh basil, and sun dried tomatoes in a bowl, mixed it together and added enough cooking water to thin to the right consistency. This was so delicious. It made about two servings. So if you think making a pizza from scratch is too much trouble, think again. I had several totally delicious meals – all from scratch!

Here is what I had leftover after I made the White Pizza.

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