Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Amazing Zippy Ginger Green Juice Drink

granny smith apple, kale, cucumber, and ginger

This is an "oh wow!" kind of green drink. I wanted to make a green juice with just the basic ingredients: kale, cucumber, Granny Smith apple and a tiny piece of ginger. The very first green juice I made was super grassy and just okay. This one was zesty, refreshing, and quite delicious! I was really surprised at how great it tasted, I was afraid that I was going to have to "acquire" a taste for the green. I think the ginger helped to tone down the kale. This time I juiced only kale leaves, no stalks. I could have used a milder green such as spinach or chard but I really wanted the nutritional punch of kale. Kale is such a powerful green! I will be using it more in 2013 and hope to post a simple kale salad very soon.

about 2 cups of organic* kale leaves
1 whole organic cucumber
1 organic Granny Smith apple,
with the seeds and stem removed
1 very small piece of organic ginger,
about the tip of your finger

Follow your juicer directions and juice.

*I have specified organic produce since you will be juicing the skins and all.

glass of fresh carrot juice
I also juiced some fairly fresh carrots. How did I know they were fresh? They still had the tops on. I did not juice the carrot tops – yet. I found the carrot juice sweet and a bit bitter, probably because they were not peeled. I think I want to try making carrot juice again next spring when I can get local produce.

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