Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Farmer’s Market

It’s Farmer’s Market season so I’ve been checking them out. My current favorite is the South Anchorage Farmer’s market. So nice to browse the booths listening to live music with the sun shining.

The South Anchorage FM seems to be the only place to get locally made tofu. If you have been put off by tofu in the past, you really need to try fresh tofu. I find the majority of tofu on supermarket shelves rather bitter tasting with off flavors. There is no comparison to Alaska Sprouts tofu. They also sell various sprouts and shoots for about $3.

One pound of delicious local tofu for only $3.

Rempel’s Farm is also at the market offering local organic produce. A new vegetable (for me) was the snow apple turnips. I asked “what is this?” and was given a slice to eat. Crunchy and delicious! I’ve never been overly fond of turnips but these changed my thinking and I bought several.

Mild and crunchy snow apple turnips.
I also purchased some fresh spinach, parsnips and some kind of Russian russet potato.

Parsnips and potatoes.
Another vendor was Rise and Shine Bakery. Their breads are not sold in stores and they don’t have a storefront. You pre-order bread online and pick up at two different locations. Or you can buy some at the Farmer’s Market! So far I’ve bought olive bread and the seeded whole wheat bread. I keep going back trying to buy the sourdough potato but it’s never there. Maybe next weekend?

Rise and Shine Bakery's Olive Bread $7.
Seeded Whole Wheat Bread $6.

WineStyles was also at the market offering 3 tastes of wine for a $10 donation to a non-profit farmer organization. Two of the wines were okay and I loved the Roblar 2009 Sauvignon Blanc. Very delicious if a bit overpriced at $19.

I find myself returning to the South Anchorage market because of the tofu and organic produce. And a wine tasting is also fun too!

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